Jeel Jasani

User Experience


This game is based on a rare narrative element, a player motivation, and a player type. Our narrative element is multi-protagonist, our player motivation is family and our player type is escapism. Starting from brainstorms of each of these aspects individually to coming up with our final game, we iterated through numerous ideas and below, I have documented this entire process through notes, descriptions, and photographs.

Tools: Brainstorming, Sketching, Game Prototype, Playtesting, Iteration, Documentation, Game Analysis.

The Story

A new era dawns over the land! The two queens of neighboring kingdoms have each given birth to a child: the royal baby who represents a new age of prosperity for each of their lands! “Which is why the child must die,” each kingdom hushedly whispers amongst themselves, eyeing the other kingdom’s newborn. The kingdoms’ armies rally and set out to kill the enemy child--and anyone who stands in their way. So too do the mothers prepare for war, as they will go to any lengths to keep their child close and protect them from the violent hordes.
The great land of the warring kingdoms will see no peace until one of the newborn children is dead. The only question is: which will die, and which will survive?

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