Jeel Jasani

User Experience
Landon Paik
Final App Design
Matthew Bolanos
iOS App
Rosina Rodriguez
Hi-Fi Designs
iOS App


QuoteIt is an app ideated and developed at a 4 day Hackathon in CMU. The prompt was to use Swift code and sharing api and create a mobile app in a span of four days.

According to Edison Research in 2012, about one in five smart phone owners are podcast listeners. Among these, more than half use some form of social networking. Yet there is no application that allows podcast listeners to share inspirations from their podcasts over social networks with their loved ones.

The Idea

QuoteIt allows podcast listeners to capture inspirational quotes from their podcasts and share it via social networking sites with their friends and family. It works like any other podcast player but with the added functionality of allowing its users to record any clip of their podcast and transcribe it with a single click. Users can then stylise the quote, edit it and share it.

Here is a picture from our
brainstorming session. We spent
a substantial amount of time
discussing multiple ideas before
settling down on this one.

Final Prototype

Here are the final screens of the app.


After going through all the data gathered from our research, we started prototyping. We started with sketched out paper prototypes and then came up with digital prototypes.

We spent quite a lot of
time on our logo design too.
Here are some iterations
of the same.
I built the wireframes of the app based on the final design. These wireframes were built using storyboard.

iOS Prototype

Once we had the wireframes ready, we started building the app using Swift code in Xcode. Here is what our actual app looked like at the end of the challenge.